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crazy reels

If you are in the mood for some retro slot gaming action then Crazy Reels may be just the game for you. This is certainly not competing with the latest and greatest slot games out there but some people love the charms of an old-fashioned style of game.

If that is the case with you then settle down for slot gaming fun like they used to make it.

The name of the developer of this game is Mazooma. You may not be too familiar with their output, but they are connected with the more famous Novomatic, responsible for the world-famous Game of Ra series. This one is nothing near the quality of that title but retains a little old school charm of its own.

Retro Gaming

A three-reeler with old-fashioned graphics will not be to everyone’s taste but if this is what rings your bell then you are in for a treat. The only problem may be in locating this slot at your own online casino as it is unlikely to appear in the main lobby.

Like any retro slot game, this one features fruity symbols like those machines you might expect to find in the corner of a sleepy bar. Here you will see symbols like plums, strawberries, grapes, apples, oranges, and lemons showing up on the reels. Each of these is worth the same amount if they appear in a winning line.

You can probably tell by now that there is nothing too flashy or showy about this game. It delivers a retro gaming experience and not much more than that.

Old-Fashioned Charm

crazy reels 2018

Players used to the latest movie adaptations and beautifully crafted slots will not get much of a kick out of this particular game. Compared to modern online slots this one just cannot compete and starts to feel quite dull after just a few spins.

However, there are those people that prefer the three reel games and no doubt they will find something to love about Crazy Reels.

This game tries to recreate the look and feel of the 1980s when you had to visit an arcade to play a slot game. Of course these days you can just take out your phone to play Crazy Reels but then times have changed a lot.

Nice and Simple

There is nothing too complicated about the Crazy Reels slot game. This basic game features one bonus feature. Whenever you find a winning combination then the arrows to the right of the reels will begin flashing.

Your job now is to try and stop the flashing lights as near to the top as possible. Manage this and you claim the maximum x20 win.

Not only that but you will have the opportunity to take a shot at a repeat win. While the first part of the bonus round takes some timing, this part is entirely down to luck, despite what you may imagine. If your luck is in and you get the repeat win then your original win is doubled.

Don’t Gamble Away your Profits!

crazy reels bonus

Another feature available from this game is the Gamble option. Here you can choose to double or even quadruple your wins if you are feeling lucky. We never recommend taking the gamble option as it is a sure-fire way to lose cash.

While this game has a 95% return to player, the gamble is just a 50:50 deal. This is obviously a much worse percentage chance yet many players are tempted to take that risk.

There is not much else to say about this slot game as it does not boast a whole lot of extra features.

Not for Everybody

If you enjoy some retro gaming action then there will be something for you here. However, for most people, this game will feel a little to slow and boring to provide much entertainment.

It is the kind of game you might be tempted to play if you were stuck in a dingy cafe with time to kill but when you have so many online options this will not feature high on many people’s list of slot games.

Of course, it is good to cater to all tastes, but in the modern world of online slot gaming, this one is never going to turn heads.

Game NameCrazy ReelsSoftwareMazooma
RTP95%Max Bet€20.00
VarianceMediumMin Bet€0.10
Win Both WaysNoMax Coins per line20


Crazy Reels Review 2019
  • Overall - 6.3/10


The Crazy Reel slot machine is a decent, but outdated slot machine that is no longer a good pick for both online and offline casino players.


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