In 2015, the online gambling market is worth over 37.91 billion USD and there are now hundreds of websites that allow you to play poker, blackjack, or roulette from the comfort of your own home. However, not every gambling website is reliable and trustworthy. Which is why our online casino reviews are based on thorough testing and in-depth research to ensure you and your money are safe.

CasinoMatters was founded by a small group of gambling enthusiasts that are dedicated to providing you with the best news source for your online gambling endeavors. We carefully analyze and review the most popular and trustworthy gambling websites to help you find the best page for your needs.


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Justin Williamson

Managing Editor

Justin is a journalist who founded CasinoMatters to help other players and share his knowledge of online casinos. He loves playing cards but always looses against his wife, who he met at a poker game.


Sophia Mathison

Writer and Researcher

Sophia works for an ad agency. When Justin told her about his idea to rate and review online gambling websites, she was hooked from the start. Sophia has an impressive track record of winning on online slot games.

Charles Robles


Charles is a mathematics student and freelance photographer. He has a passion for skill-based card games and won his first poker game at a young age. Playing helps him relax after a strenuous week in school and he’s happy to be able to share his expertise with other like-minded people.